Hilton Head Adventurer's Pictures From Around The Island

The Beach - Port Royal's beaches have a fairly low population density. In fact, if you walk about a mile or so up the beach from the Oceans Palms Villas (walk north), it's common to be the only person within view. This is true even durring the busy vacation season. Also along this walk (walking north), you'll see the beautiful Port Royal oceanfront homes, the Port Royal beach club (private) and a jetti that provides a spot to fish for flounder, bass, tarpon, etc... Accessing the beach is easiest at the Westin Hotel. Just walk along the bike path starting at the entrance to Port Royal Village to the Westin's right-most parking area. Then walk all the way down the parking area to the wooden beach access deck. Along the way you'll see a bike rack (near the access deck).

The Westin - The island's only 5 star hotel is just a short 5 to 10 minute walk away. Because the Westin manages the villa operations, many of the hotel's ammenities are available to Ocean Palm's guests. They include pool and jacuzzi access, pool side and inside bars, the hotel restaraunts and gift shop, beach access, a shuttle service between the hotel and villas, and more. There are 3 pools - one large outdoor pool shown in the pictures, a smaller round pool that small children tend to use, and an indoor pool. There is also a large jacuzzi hidden in a small patch of trees (trees shown in middle picture)in between the two outdoor pools. Lots of deck space is available in both sunny and shaded areas. There is a towel hut, and sometimes small live music groups also on deck.

South Beach Marina - Located in Sea Pines Plantation (a visitor's pass to Sea Pines can be purchased at the Sea Pines visitors gate), South Beach Marina is a New England architectural style marina with shops and restaurants built on the side of a salt marsh water inlet. The "Salty Dog" franchise has a outdoor bar on a large wood deck, a shop with lots of logo apparel, and a few restaurants. Several other great places to eat, an outdoor grill, an ice cream stand, deep sea fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and live music are also available.

Hudson's Restaurant - Hudson's has several fishing ships that are docked next to the restaurant so they can offer the freshest seafood available. Great views of the waterways between the island and the mainland are abound!

Harbortown - Located in Sea Pines Plantation (a visitor's pass to Sea Pines can be purchased at the Sea Pines visitors gate), Harbortown boasts magnificent views of large yachts, surrounding waterways and islands, the famous 18th hole (beachfront golf), cute villas, tastey restaurants and refreshment buildings, shops and more, all better seen from it's famous lighthouse that can be traversed for a few bucks entry fee (I remember as a child, there was no entry fee).

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